Natural colorants

  1. Most natural colorants are extracts derived from plant tissues. 
  2. The disadvantage of using natural colourants are
    1. colour intensities not consistent, 
    2. not stable (colour may change when exposed to light and heat,)
    3. may react with food.
    4. may have unwanted flavours and odours. 
    5. Supply can be instable

Synthetic Colorants (Dye)

  1. Most of the synthetic colourants are complex chemical compounds sthat synthesized from petroleum.
  2. Examples of syhthetic colourants are azo compound and triphenyl.
  3. Azo compound colourants normally are yellow, red, brown and white in colour.
  4. Triphenyl compound colourants are green, blue or purple in colour.

Side effects

Many of the artificial food colorings cause reactions in sensitive individuals ranging from hyperactivity to depression to asthma-like symptoms.

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