Carbon Compound

  1. Carbon is located in group 14. A carbon atom contains 6 electrons, therefore the electronic configuration is 2.4.
  2. It has 4 valance electrons in the outermost orbital, as shown in the diagram.
  3. In order to achieve a stable outer octet of electrons, it forms four covalent bonds.



When a carbon atom combines with four hydrogen atoms, it forms a molecule of methane, CH4


If two carbon atoms join, each can still combine with three hydrogen atoms to form a molecule of ethane, C2H6.

Number of Bonds

Each carbon atom is tied to other atoms through four covalent bonds. All the four covalent bonds may exist in three forms as shown below:

 Possesses just a single bond
 Possesses a double bond
 Possesses a triple bond

Carbon Compounds

Carbon compounds can be divided to:

  1. Organic carbon compounds
  2. Inorganic carbon compounds