Redox Reaction

  1. A redox reaction is a chemical reaction that involves reduction and oxidation that occurs simultaneously.
  2. In a redox reaction, both reduction and oxidation are going on side-by-side.
  3. Oxidation and reduction can be defined in terms of
    1. loss or gain of oxygen
    2. loss or gain of hydrogen
    3. transfer of electrons
    4. change in oxidation number
  4. The redox reaction that you need to know in SPM includes
    1. Redox reaction in aqueous solution
      1. changing of iron(II) ions to ions(III) and vice versa
      2. displacement of hydrogen
      3. displacement of halogens
      4. transfer of electrons at a distance
    2. Electrochemistry
    3. Corrosion of metals
    4. Combustion of metals
    5. Rusting of iron
    6. Extraction of metal