New Uses of Glass and Ceramics

New Uses of Glass and Ceramics

Photochromic Glass

  1. Photochromic glass is very sensitive to light.
  2. It darkens in the presence of bright light and lightens when the amount of sunlight lessens.

Conductive Glass

  1. Conducting glass is a type of glass which can conduct electricity. It is obtained by coating a thin layer of a conducting material around the glass, usually indium tin(IV) oxide.
  2. It is used in the making of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Car Engine Block

  1. When clay is heated with magnesium oxide, the ceramic that is produced has a high resistance to heat.
  2. This material is used to build the engine blocks in cars as they can withstand high temperatures.


  1. Superconductors are electrical conductors which have almost zero (0) electrical resistance. Therefore, this conductor minimises the loss of electrical energy through heat.
  2. Yttrium barium copper oxide is a type of ceramic superconductor
  3. Superconductors are used to make magnets which are light but thousands of times stronger than the normal magnet.

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