Acid + Base Oxide

Acid + Base Oxide

Acids react with bases produces salt and water

Acids + Base Oxide  Salt + Water (Neutralisation)


Sulphuric acid + Iron(II) Oxide
H2SO4 + FeO→FeSO4 + H2O

Hydrochloric acid + Magnesium Oxide

2HCl + MgO → MgCl2 + H O

Example of Experiment


  1. One spatula of copper(II) oxide powders is added to 5cm³ of hydrochloric acid in a test tube.
  2. The mixture is heated slowly and stirred with a glass rod.
  3. The observations are recorded.


  1. The black solid dissolves.
  2. The colourless solution turns blue.


  1. The copper(II) oxide powder (the black powder) has reacted with the hydrochloric acid.
  2. The blue colour solution contain copper(II) ions.

Chemical Equation

2HCl + CuO → CuCl2 + H2O

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