Acid + Carbonate

Acid + Carbonate

Acids react with metal carbonates produces salt, water and carbon dioxide

Acids + Metal Carbonate  Salt + Water + Carbon Dioxide Gas


Sulphuric acid + Lime Stone
H2SO4 +CaCO3 → CaSO4 + CO2 + H2O
Nitric acid + Copper(II) Carbonate
2HNO3 +CuCO3 → Cu(NO3)2 +CO2 + H2O

Example of Experiment


  1. About 5 cm³ of dilute sulphuric acid is poured into a test tube.
  2. One spatula of calcium carbonate powder is added into the test tube.
  3. The gas released is passed through lime water as shown in the diagram above.
  4. The observations are recorded

Colourless gas is released. The gas turn lime water chalky.


Sulphuric acid reacts with calcium carbonate.
The gas released is carbon dioxide.

Chemical Equation:

H2SO4 +CaCO3 → CaSO4 +CO2 + H2O

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