Preparing Salts of Non-“Potassium, Sodium and Ammonium”

Preparing Salts of Non-“Potassium, Sodium and Ammonium”

  1. The salt non-potassium, sodium and ammonium is prepared by reacting acid with insoluble metal/metal oxide/metal carbonate:
    1. Acid + Metal Salt + Hydrogen (Displacement reaction)
    2. Acid + Metal oxide Salt + Water (Neutralisation Reaction)
    3. Acid + Metal carbonate Salt + Water + Carbon Dioxide
  2. Below is the steps in preparing the soluble non-potassium, sodium and ammonium salts.

Step 1 – The Reaction

Add metal/metal oxide/metal carbonate powder until excess into a fixed volume of the heated acid

Step 2 – Filtration 1 to Remove Excess Reactant

Filter the mixture to remove excess metal/metal oxide/metal carbonate

Step 3 – Crystalisation
  1. Evaporate the filtrate until it becomes a saturated solution
  2. Dip in a glass rod, if crystals are formed, the solution is saturated.

Step 4 – Filtration 2 to Collect the Solid Salt

  1. Cooled at room temperature
  2. Filter and dry the salt crystals by pressing them between filter papers.

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