Chemical Bond

Chemical Bonds

  1. 2 types of chemical bonds are commonly formed between atoms, namely
    1. Ionic Bond
    2. Covalent Bond

The Ionic Bond

(Ionic Bond)
  1. By releasing or receiving electron(s), the atoms will become ions and consequently form ionic bond between the ions.
  2. Ionic bonds are always formed between metal and non-metal. For example, sodium (metal) react with chlorine (non-metal) will form an ionic bond between sodium ion and chloride ion.
  3. The compounds formed are called the ionic compounds.
  4. Some time, an ionic bond is also called electrovalent bond.

The Covalent Bond

(Covalent Bond)
  1. By sharing electron(s), the atoms will form covalent bond between the atom and the molecule formed is called the covalent molecule.
  2. Covalent bond is always formed between non-metal with another non-metal.