Reaction of Alkali Metals with Water

Alkali Metals React with Water

Group 1 metals react vigorously with water produces alkali and hydrogen gas

Group 1 Metals + Water → Alkali + Hydrogen gas

Common Observation

  1. Lithium, sodium or potassium floats and move around on the surface of the water and then dissolve in the water.
    Lithium, sodium and potassium are less dense than water.
  2. Colourless gas is released around the metal. The gas produces a “pop” sound when ignited with a lighted wooden splinter.
    The colourless flammable gas is hydrogen.
  3. The solution turns blue when it is tested with universal indicator.
    the solution produced is an alkali.

Lithium + Water

2Li + 2H2O → 2LiOH + H2

Lithium metal moves slowly on the surface of the water with ‘fizzing’ sound.

Sodium + Water

2Na + 2H2O → 2NaOH + H2

The lump of sodium moves swiftly on the surface of the water with ‘fizzing’ sound

Potassium + Water

2K + 2H2O → 2KOH + H2

Potassium reacts violently with water, move very fast on the surface of the water and burn with a lilac flame.