Reaction of Alkali Metals with Chlorine

Alkali Metals React with Chlorine

  1. All alkali metals react with chlorine gas to form white metal chlorides salt.
    Group 1 Metals + Chlorine Gas → Metal Chloride
  2. The metal chlorides salt formed is soluble in water to give a neutral solution of pH 7.
  3. The reactivity increases down the group from lithium, sodium to potassium.


Lithium + Chlorine

2Li + Cl2 → 2LiCl

Lithium burned slowly with a reddish flame . A white solid is produced.

Sodium + Chlorine

2Na + Cl2 → 2NaCl

Sodium burned brightly with a yellowish flame. A white solid is produced.

Potassium + Chlorine

2K + Cl2 → 2KCl

Potassium burned very brightly with a purplish flame . A white solid is produced.