Physical Properties of Acids

Physical Properties of Acids

  1. Acids have the following physical properties:
    1. Tastes sour
    2. Turns moist blue litmus to red
    3. pH value < 7
    4. Can conduct electricity
    5. Corrosive

Colour of Litmus in Acids

  1. Litmus can be used as acid/alkali indicator.
  2. Image below shows the colour of litmus paper when immerse in acid and alkali.
  3. The litmus turn red in acids and turn blue in alkali.

pH value of acids

  1. pH value is quantity to measure the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution. The higher the concentration of hydrogen, the lower the pH value of the solution.
  2. Pure water has pH value of 7.
  3. All acids has pH value lower than 7.

Electrical Conductivity of Acids

  1. Acids are covalent compounds.
  2. However, when acids dissolve in water, they ionise to form ions in the solution.
  3. Since there are free moving ions in the solution, hence the solution can act as an electrolyte to conduct electricity.

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