Cell with Salt Bridge

Cell with Salt Bridge

Cell with Salt Bridge

  1. A Daniel Cell can be substitute by a design as showing in diagram above. The chemical reaction remains the same as the Daniel cell.
  2. Using salt bridge can reduce the internal resistance of the cell.
  3. The function of the salt bridge is to allow ions follow from one solution to another to complete the circuit.

At Anode (Zinc Electrode)

The zinc atoms release 2 electrons and become zinc ions

Zn  Zn2+ + 2e

The zinc electrode erodes (become thinner).

At Cathode (Copper Electrode)

The copper(II) ions in the electrolyte are discharged and become zinc atom

Cu2+ + 2e  Cu

The copper electrode become thicker.

Other Observation:

  1. The pointer of the galvanometer deflect.
  2. The intensity of the blue colour of copper(II) sulphate solution decreases because the concentration of the copper(II) ions deceases.