3 States of Matter

Matter exists in 3 states of matter, namely, solid state, liquid state and gaseous state.

Characteristics of Matter in Solid, Liquid and Gaseous State

Arrangement of Particles

Particles are arranged in an orderly manner and close to one another.
Particles are not arranged in order. The space between particles is moderately large.
The particles are very far apart and randomly arranged.
Movement of Particles
SolidParticles vibrate at fixed positions.
LiquidParticles move randomly and slowly and sometimes will collide against each other.
GasThe particles move randomly in all directions at great speed.

The force of Attraction Between Particles

Solidvery strong
LiquidStrong but weaker than in the solid state.
Gasvery weak

Ability to be compressed

SolidVery difficult to be compressed because the particles are packed closely.
LiquidNot easily compressed because the particles are packed quite closely.
GasEasily compressed because the particles are very far apart.

Heat Energy content

SolidLowest Energy Content
LiquidModerate energy content.
energy content
Volume and Shape
LiquidFixedFollows the container
GasFollows the containerFills the whole container